Jun 4, 2008


Some days ago, finally, I found the "nutella" paste at a store near my office. I had been looking for it for a long time because I had strongly wanted to try it.

It was introduced on a blog site that my Italian friend on the Internet had written. She said in her blog that she could not imagine a life without "nutella".

"Nutella" was good, and I enjoyed it very much.

By the way, I am sorry that I have not read a new archive on her blog since the middle of this March because she has stopped writing it. I have strongly desired that she has re-started her blog, but no one knows when she starts it.

In Japanese sayings, there is "便り(たより)のないのは良い便り". In direct translation, "There is no access from my family members, friends or acquaintances, it means good news". In my translation, "There is no bad news about him (or her), because there is no problem on his (or her) life now. In other words, if he (or she) has been in bad situation, someone must tell me about his (or her) bad news."

I think that this Japanese saying does not meet this situation.

P.S. My friend on the net taught me a good English expression, "No news is good news". Thanks.


Unknown said...

Hehe, nutella. Nutella doesn't look very good but it's pretty tasty.

BTW: 便りのないのは良い便り translates directly to the english saying "No news is good news.".

R3DM@N said...

we have nutella in new zealand too, not a fan! but then again..one day i might like it!

haha! glad you like it though cause someones got to buy it

Pam ☆ Komicz said...
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Pam ☆ Komicz said...

Yes, I think no news is good news too :-)

Nutella is great but I have seen some huge jars of nutella sold in Hungary...

Anonymous said...

I really love NUTELLA! While I was in Italy I ate everyday Nutella with home-made bread. Is fantastic and quite cheap!
We have something similar called Nocilla, but its taste is more like chocolate than to nuts.
Nutella was made in my favourite Italian city, Torino!!!

bikenglish said...

[to Ian-san]
Thank you for your advice. I will add this saying on my archive.

[to r3dm@n-san]
I am very glad to recieve your comment from New Zealand. I have never been to New Zealand and of cource it is one of foreign countreis that I want to visit.

[to watsamon-san]
Thanks. Are you Hangarian? I would like to know what is your country.

[to farooksh-san]
I like nutella, and my family too. But I feel that it is a little bit expensive in Japan.

Anonymous said...

え!! Nutella は とても おいしい です!
Nutella is soooo good ^^
In France its one of the favorite spread past ^^
And I must admit I'm quite fan of it with rusk or fresh bread :)

ウィリアム (William)
フランス (France)

Anonymous said...

ooo really man.... its very gud thing ... i ws facin same problem like you. I am in india I found nutella after searching of 6 months.
I dont know...Why it founds in the corner of a big mall or store even its very nice thing.... ummaaa

Anonymous said...

For Germany I can say that Nutella is known by everybody here. I am not sure but I think the Germans are the biggest fans of Nutella in the World. Thanks to Ferrero for this tasty cream. I Love it!!! :-)

スサナ said...

We have Nutella in Spain. I love it^_^