Jun 10, 2008


When I took a short stop during bike-ride last Saturday at a souvenir shop and restaurant in Ashiya-machi, "Maguro-no-Kaitai-show"(マグロの解体ショー) was held there.

It is a kind of entertainment that shows a process of taking a big tuna apart. It is often held at a food store or a food corner in a department store in order to gather people.

They started selling a piece of tuna, but I did not buy it. Because its price was higher than I expected and I did not have a good container to bring it back home.


Anonymous said...

I went to Tsukiji (つきじ) when I was at Tokyo but it was quite late in the morning so we haven't saw fishes being cutted etc.
Well I'm not really fan of the fish's smell so the markets around was enough for me :P
But it was really interesting ^^


bikenglish said...

Generally speaking, people in the Kanto area can eat good tuna because tuna needs a special refrigerator. I have heard that Tsukiji has a good one.

In other words, people who live in local area (I live in Kyushu) like me do not get good tuna. Instaed, we can enjoy other good fishes that are taken in near sea area.

Yes, fish has a unique smell, so almost Westerners might feel not so good, I can agree.