Jun 3, 2008


On May 25, my daughter's primary school hold its athletic meet. All children wear their caps named "Kouhaku-bou"(紅白帽). There are two ways of its use. If a child belongs "Aka-gumi"(赤組), he (or she) uses the red side of it, if "Shiro-gumi"(白組), he (or she) uses the opposite side, the white side.

I don't know the accurate history of "Kouhaku-bou", but probably, primary schools in Japan have used it for more than forty, or fifty years.


Unknown said...

Cute! It looks like fun. I never went to school in Japan so I have no idea what it's like. Thanks for posting a picture.

ジョン said...

紅白帽 is a pretty cool word to know. Thanks for the explanation!

bikenglish said...

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