Mar 2, 2013

"As It Is"

I lost my drive to transcribe "As It Is" program into a text after I found a website that has the program's texts. I had not thought that there is a website that offers them.

I continue to seek a way to develop my English in other way.



Unknown said...

Learning English is always difficult when you don't live in a country where English is spoken every day. I hope you can find a new way to improve your English.

ジョン said...

I can understand why this would sap your drive your study with "As It Is." I hope you'll be able to find another news source that you like. I really admire your persistence with your studying!

bikenglish said...

Jo-san, John-san,

Thank you for comments.

Now, I have a idea to improve my English. I will report on my this blog in near future.