Nov 17, 2012


Amazon has started a service to sell books written in Japanese a month ago. I tried it by downloading a novel written by "Genyu Soukyu"(玄侑宗久) into my ipod touch.

I bought the e-book at 336yen. But, I can read it by using a library near my house with free. But, certainly, it is a convenient application because I do not need to bring a little big book with me. (This is the book(「中陰の花」) that I lent from the library.)

If I find an e-book that I think is worth of payment, I would use this service.

By the way, I have already a "kindle" but have not used it for a long time. This time, I tried to use it for the Amazon's new Japanese service, but unfortunately, I could not understand a way to change my kindle to the new service. I have to seek the way to use my kindle.

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ジョン said...

Interestingly, I recently had the chance to mess around with a Nook Simple Touch at a Barnes & Noble bookstore recently. I fell in love with the e-paper screen. (I think that's the same screen technology used by the Kindle you got.) I hope that I can get one before too long.