Sep 11, 2012

Number of visitors to Burma has increased quickly

The number of visitors to Burma has increased quickly in the past year after many international restrictions were ended or reduced. The VOA Steve Embar reports on some of problems the country is facing because of new visitors. About 300,000 foreigners visited Burma in the first seven month of this year. People from Thai land represented the largest group from Asia followed by Japan, China and South Korea. Around 25 percent of visitors were from Europe. The increase in business travelers and visitors has been good for the nation's tourism industry. But, it has also caused problems. Luzi Matzig is head of the Thai-based Asian Trails which supports travel within Asia.  "We ever had any country with such a rapid growth an explosion of growth. Never happen. Our problem now in number of passengers-we can hardly grow because there simply isn't the capacity there in hotel rooms or transport."Currently there are only 25,000 hotels rooms across Burma. This has created a high demand for rooms and led to increased prices. Burma has recognized the need to develop its tourism industry. It is now planing a new international airport close to Rangoon. It is also planing to turn sevral housing areas into hotels. The Asian Develop Bank is preparing a tourism plan for the country. The Burmese goverment says its tourism policy aims to ease poverty and help empower women. I'm Steve Emvor.  

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