Sep 29, 2012

"Beppu Suginoi Hotel"

Last Saturday to Sunday, I stayed a well-known hotel in Beppu,Oita with my family. The hotel is "Beppu Suginoi Hotel"(別府杉乃井ホテル) that has a lot of amusement facility such as a big open-air bath. Almost all people in Kyushu have known the name of it.

It was the first time for us to stay there while the hotel has been running more than 40 years. It has a lot of rooms, we saw a lot of people there.

This photo is a scenery of Beppu city seen from the room where we stayed. The hotel locates at relatively higher place.

Second photo shows a souvenir that has an interesting name. We often see these kinds of souvenirs in sight seeing places.


ジョン said...

Man, I need a stay in a great hotel like that right now... I'm glad that you had a good time. The view from the room is lovely.


bikenglish said...


Thank you.

"Beppu" has a famous sight-seeing place called "Jigoku-meguri"(地獄めぐり). It includes unusual hot-springs like "Chi-no-ike -jigokku"(血の池地獄) and "Tatsumaki-jigoku"(竜巻地獄).
People in Japan often link goblin to "jigoku", so the maker use "oni"(鬼) for name of the souvenir.