Jan 8, 2012

VOA Special English News 83

Britain's government says women who have breast implants made by a company that has been closed do not need to have them removed. The French company Poly Implant Prothese used industrial rather than medical silicone in the implants it made. France, Belgium, the Czech Republic and other nations have told their citizens to have the implants removed or closely watch them. They say implants made with industrial silicone are more likely to break apart. But, Friday, the British Health Secretary said that there is not enough evidence of danger to recommend their removal. An estimated 40,000 British women have the implants. 

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ジョン said...

I don't see any significant issues here. Great work again.


The French company, Poly Implant Prothese used
--> The French company Poly Implant Prothese used

But, Friday,
--> But Friday,
A comma often follows "but," but not usually in short expressions like this.

kinokage (木の陰) said...

I might add to add to Jonさん's comments....

"to have them removed" (rather than "to have been removed")

I can't be sure about the company name, but probably Poly Implant Prothèse.

I agree with Jonさん about the commas around "Poly Implant Prothèse"—there would be commas if there were only one French company, but since "French company" and "PIP" are not interchangeable, PIT should not be separated with commas. 例えば、

One of the dogs, ファイドー, ran....
The dog ファイドー ran.... (if there are several dogs)
The dog, ファイドー, ran.... (if there is only one dog—that is, "the dog" and "ファイドー" are the same thing)

"silicon" vs "silicone"はちょっと違いがあるんですから—"made with industrial silicone")

"France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, and other nations" (the final ["serial"] comma is there in US style, though not always in UK style)

”Belgian”は形容詞ですが、名詞の形は”Belgium"ですね。 Belgiumの出身の人は"Belgian (person)"といいますね。

"have the implants" (plural)

いつものようにすばらしいと思いますよ。Hope that helps! / 木の陰

ジョン said...

木の陰さん, thanks for the extra comments. Great catch with "silicon" and "silicone" and also with "Belgian." Went right over my head. :-)

By the way, is it just me, or is the serial comma being omitted in text more these days in the U.S.? 気のせいかな。

kinokage (木の陰) said...

ジョンさん, I think the serial comma is a dying art! I think it's used only rarely outside the US and almost never in the UK, even though it's officially the "Oxford comma". AP style says to omit it in newspapers. But to me it's important to avoid confusion. しょうがないでしょうね。

bikenglish said...

Jon-san, kino-kage-san,

Thank you for good advice to me. I have learned several important things from your comments.