Aug 1, 2011


In this season, the regional qualifiers of the National High School Baseball Championship have been held throughout Japan. Generally, people in Japan call it Koukou Yakyu (高校野球).

Last Wednesday, the final game in Fukuoka was held. Tochiku high school (東筑高校)baseball team lost to Kyushu-Kokusai-Daigaku-Fuzoku high school(九州国際大学附属高校).

Now, my son goes to Tochiku, so he took part in cheering his school team as a member of brass band.

I am also a graduate of Tochiku. When I was a first-year student, the baseball team went to the National High School Baseball Championship held at Koushien Stadium (甲子園球場) in Hyougo prefecture. Of course, I went to Koushien to cheer the team.

My son could not have same experience, but the final game would leave as his good memory in his mind.

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ジョン said...

It's too bad that your son didn't get the same experience that you did, but it's nice that he was able to experience as much as he did. Maybe they'll go farther next year.