Aug 6, 2011

VOA Special English News 33

Italy says it will have enough money to balance its budget by 2013. That is a year earlier than planned. Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi spoke to reporters Friday night. He said the government would also seek to win approval for amendment to constitution. The amendment would require the government to balance its budget every year. The announcement came at the end of a week in which interest rate on Italy debt jumped. This increased investor concerns that Italy could be forced to ask for the international help to deal with its rising debt ?retros.

イタリアのベルルスコーニ首相は、金曜日の夜、イタリアは、計画よりも1年早く、2013年までに予算のバランスを保つための十分な資産があるとリポータたちに語った。首相は、政府はまた、憲法改正の承認を求めるだろう、その改正は政府に毎年度予算の収支均衡を求めるだろう と言った。首相の会見は、イタリアの利率が上がった週の末に行われた。利率の上昇は、イタリアが債務問題に対応するため、国際的な援助を求めることになるかも知れないという投資家の不安をかきたてた。

*I am sorry that I could not find out the last word of this news. Please tell me the correct word.

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