Apr 4, 2011

VOA Special English News 10

Engineers in Japan are using chemicals, sawdust, and torn newspaper to stop radioactive water leaking from Fukushima Daiich power station. It was severely damaged in a huge earthquake and tsunami on March 11.

The engineers are trying to stop radio active water from leaking into the Pacific Ocean. Saturday, workers at the station found a hall in the station from which water appeared to be leaking. They tried to close the hall first with concrete and later with liquid plastic material. But a spokesman for Tokyo Electric Power Company says there has been no change in radiation levels in the coastal waters near the station. Japanese officials say it could take month to stop radiation leaking into the ocean.

Also, Sunday, TEPCO officials said remains of two workers killed in the tsunami have been found at the station.




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radio active
--> radioactive

... tsunami March 11
... tsunami on March 11

TEPCO official said
--> TEPCO officials said
--> a TEPCO official said