Apr 29, 2011

VOA Special English News 13

President Obama has announced major changes to his national security team.

He nominated the Central Intelligent Agency director Leon Panetta to replace Defense Secretory Robert Gates. President said Mr. Panetta has played an important part in the nation's fight against violent extremism.

Mr. Obana named Army General David Petraeus to replace Mr. Panetta as head of the CIA. General Petraeus is now leading military operations in Afghanistan. Mr. Petraeus will be replaced by the deputy commander of the United States Central Command, Lieutenant General John Allen.

Mr. Obama also announced diplomat Ryan Crocker as his choice as the next American ambassador to Afghanistan.

All for positions require approval from the Senate.






1 comment:

ジョン said...

"central intelligent agency"
--> Central Intelligence Agency

"Defence Secretory Robert Gates"
--> Defense Secretary Robert Gates
※ "Defence" isn't incorrect, per se, but it's the British spelling.

"United States Central Command. Lieutenant General, John Allen."
--> "deputy commander of the United States Central Command, Lieutenant General John Allen."
※ There is no punctuation between titles and names, generally, FYI.

That's it! You're very good at being able to pick out these government-related terms that I know I couldn't understand very well in Japanese.