Apr 25, 2011

VOA Special English News 12

In Japan, Emperor Akihito has visited with people made homeless by last month earthquake and tsunami. This is his second visit to the disaster area, north of Tokyo. The Emperor and Empress Michiko spent Friday with survivors in Kita-Ibaraki.

The town's port was badly damaged. Local fishing industry has suffered over fears that radiation from Fukushima nuclear power center has harmed fish. The March 11 earthquake and tsunami killed almost thirty thousand people and left more than four hundred thirty thousand others homeless.

Also in Japan, Toyota motor company says that the problems caused by the earthquake and tsunami in Japan will reduce its international production. The world's largest car manufacturer says production will be reduced for much of this year. The company president said factories lack about one hundred fifty parts used in making new vehicles.




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ジョン said...

Sorry it's taken a while to get to this!

"disastered area, the north of Tokyo"
--> disaster area, north of Tokyo
--> disaster area, to the north of Tokyo

--> over fears

"The March Eleventh"
--> The March 11

"problem caused by the earthquake"

"world largest"
--> world's largest

"manufacturer says the production"
--> manufacturer says production

Another fantastic job! Studying the Japanese was very useful for me as well. Thank you!