Mar 19, 2011

VOA Special English News 7

The Japanese government is sending doctors and supplies to thousand of people without food, water and shelter. The action comes four days after an earthquake and tsunami struck north east Japan.

At same time, fears of nuclear disaster are spreading in the nation. United nation's official told VOA Tuesday, that she has not seen a crisis like this before. Television pictures from the Japanese city of Sendai show people standing in lines for water and food. Some stores are limiting how much an individual can buy. People in Koriyama have fled Fukushima area where nuclear power center is leaking radiation.

Workers at power center in Fukushima are working to cool down nuclear reactors. Reactors are threatening to release dangerous amounts of radiation. Fifty workers at Japan's and badly damaged Fukushima nuclear energy center have remained on the jobs in an effort to prevent a more severe radiation leak.

Fifty are dressed in a protective clothing.Radiation in the center has already reached to levels harmful to human health. Workers are trying to put water into the nuclear reactors. The center's cooling system failed after Friday's powerful earthquake struck Honshu island. Expert say a meltdown of complete failure of nuclear center could release several kinds of radioactive substances into the atmosphere.






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