Mar 13, 2011

newspaper extra

Today is Sunday, so usually we could not see evening version of newspaper. But, "newspaper extra"(号外) was delivered at today's evening. It tells about the nuclear power station's inability to cool the system in its top news.


Unknown said...

Very glad to see you and your family are all safe.

Please take care.
From.Danann Canada

ジョン said...

Sorry that I've not been around so much. I hope that the situation will stabilize very soon.


bikenglish said...

Danann_1 san,

Thank you for heartwarming comment. I have no problem from the huge quake and tsunamis because I live in Kyushu island that is far from the east part of Japan.

Jon san,

Thank you for pointing out to my mistake. In my defense, I noticed it a day after I wrote the blog. But,I had not corrected it.