Jan 3, 2011


In Japanese custom, people exchange new year message card called "Nenga-jyou" (年賀状) between close members on January 1st. But, people who lost their close family member do not send "Nenga-jyou", instead, they send "Mochu-hagaki" (喪中はがき) in the first of December.

But, I did not follow this custom because it passed about one year from my father's death and I won't let my friends to know my father's death in this kind of style. So, this year, I decided to send a simple "Nenga-jyo" to friend who sent it to me on January 1st.


ジョン said...

That's a nice, simple card. I wish you and your family nothing but happiness this year.

bikenglish said...


Thank you very much. I wish your success in job and study this year.