Jan 13, 2011

"Tiger-Mask" movement

Recently, there have been heartwarming news in Japan that is called "Tiger Mask" movement.(タイガーマスク運動) In the end of December of last year, a man who called himself "Date Naoto"(伊達直人) gave "randoseru"(ランドセル), small school backpacks to children living in orphanage. Several days later, another "Date Naoto" appeared in another place and left several gifts to an orphanage. And also third "Date Naoto" appeared in a different place. Finally, these kind of donations have been over one thousand.

"Date Naoto" is a main character of an animation movie named "Tiger Mask" in the 1970's.(Its original is a comic.) In the story, "Tiger-Mask" is a masked professional wrestler and no one knows that he is "Date Naoto". "Date Naoto" donates several gifts using the name of "Tiger-Mask" to an orphanage where he grew up.

When I was considering this movement, a spiteful idea appeared in my mind. If the first donor used the name "Kan Naoto"(菅直人), the Japanese prime minister, how much the movement might have spread?

Many people say that the animation's ending song is one of the saddest songs in Japanese animation movies.


ジョン said...

I'd heard about this phenomenon and was heartened to hear it. It's great when people do random acts of kindness like that.

I watched the ending of the anime and, yes, that's pretty sad. I couldn't make out all of the words but the atmosphere of the song alone speaks volumes, I think. I wish anime today had music like that.

bikenglish said...


"Tiger Mask" is a good animation for my generation.