Jan 8, 2011


On January 3 of this year, my family bought a TV set that can receive "digital terrestrial broadcasting" because "analogue terrestrial broadcasting service" in Japan will end July of 2011.

"Chi-Deji-ka"(地デジ化) is an abbreviated form of "Chijyou-Digital-Housou-ka"(地上デジタル放送化) that means "analogue broadcast will fully switch over to digital broadcast by July 2011. But, for most people including me, it means that people in Japan buy the latest TV set that receives "digital broadcasting".

The 37" TV set is a product of Toshiba and its price was 128,000 yen. I felt that it is a little bit expensive but I have been satisfied with its beautiful picture and its monitor size.

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ジョン said...

Wow, that looks like a very nice TV indeed. At my place, my parents and I just got a couple of cheap digital converter boxes a few months ago (which we now don't use since we have free cable).