Aug 8, 2010

seeing Fukuoka with Australian

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Yesterday, I guided an Australian man who sent a message through Japan Cycling Navigator in the city of Fukuoka. He says that he will stay in Japan for about 2 months.

At first, we visited the Kushida Shrine(櫛田神社) in Hakata ward(博多区). It is a famous shrine because the Hakata Yamagasa(博多山笠) is held around the shrine each year. But, unfortunately, the building is smaller than I expected and dons not has great atmosphere.

Next, we visited the Fukuoka Jyo-shi(福岡城址) and the Oohori-kouen(大濠公園). The sky was clear, but air was very hot.

After that, we ate Nagahama-ramen(長浜ラーメン) as earlier lunch. Also, unfortunately, it was not so delicious as well as I ate in the past.

And, we went to the highest place in the Fukuoka Tower(福岡タワー) to see the city.

Our last visit was a shop that sells bike goods because he needed some items for his this touring by bike.

He will leave Fukuoka for Beppu(別府) early morning on August 7. Using a map, I gave some advices to him about the route that he will use for his way to Beppu at his accommodation before I said "good-bye" to him.

I really hope his secure and enjoyable touring by bike in Japan.


ジョン said...

Sounds like he got a pretty nice tour. I'm glad that there are folks like you around and I'm looking forward to visiting Fukuoka sometime myself!

bikenglish said...

Thank you very much for your every time comments. Your kind comments lead me to next article.

And, I am also looking forward to seeing you in Fukuoka.