Aug 25, 2010

Bike touring

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Last Sunday, I took part in a bike touring that was formed from 9 members. Only one of them was my acquaintance in them. He had suggested me to take part in it and I decided to do it.

Usually, I ride my bike alone along coast line without up-down. So, this riding was very hard for me because it included many slopes in very hot weather. The distance was about 100Km. We started at 8AM and came back at 4PM.(Of course, it includes several rest.)

I managed to keep up with them at the end all time. But, this was good experience that tell me a joy of group riding. And "mini-puffet"(ミニパフェ) ,"Ringo-curry"(りんごカレー) that I ate at a farmer's restaurant were very delicious.

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ジョン said...

This looks like a lovely area. Was there some event going on, or did you go out as part of a group? I miss riding my bike in Okazaki!