Aug 19, 2010


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People in Japan believe that spirits of ancestors return to the living world in a period known as "O-Bon"(お盆), from August 13 to 15. And people celebrate the first "O-Bon" that comes after their loved people died. It is called "Hatsu-Bon"(初盆)

The period of last Friday to Sunday was "Hatsu-Bon" for us because my father died this January. Around "Butsudan"(仏壇) was decorated with special ornaments in my mother's house.

Several people, mainly relatives, visited my mother's house to pray for the spirit of my father in front of the Butsudan.

Until my father's death, "O-Bon" was a good time for my family to gather, eat and drink. But, now, this has become a little bit lonely time because of the lack of our family member.

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