Apr 18, 2010


This half a year was a hard time for me, my father died, I suffered acute hepatitis, and my mother worsened her knee's condition. But, the operation on my mother's knee was success and I was relocated to a new section after "shin-nendo"(新年度) has started. Now, I expect that everything go well.

And I expect to get a lot of peas this spring.


lenin said...

Glad to hear your mother is doing well. Your peas seem to be growing well, indeed you'll have a great harvest this year.

Have you already opened a biking season?

ジョン said...

Here's hoping that things will go well for you from here on.

And here's to hoping that you'll be able to eat a lot of peas too!

bikenglish said...


Thank you for your kind message.

Yes, bike-season has come. I will take part in a bike event that is held in Oita prefecture May 3. I will report about it on next post on my blog.

bikenglish said...


I am going to eat these peas by cooking them to "Mame-gohan".

ジョン said...

Sounds good. :-)