Dec 9, 2009


Yesterday, I had a chance to listen to a lecture by a victim in "Matsumoto-sarin-incident"(松本サリン事件) that happened in 1994. He talked about his valuable and very hard experience in his speech. He was certainly one of victims, but at first the police and media had treated him as a suspect. And this wrong condition continued for about one year. He had become a true victim after the police announced that the true criminal were the believers in "Aum-Shinrikyou"(オウム真理教).

After the lecture, I saw a message written by the speaker in the hall. I was a little bit impressed with it. I try to translate it into English.


"Hate, or grudge lets your life something dull."
"To hate others, or to hold a grudge against others spoil a person's life."
I am not confident in this translation, so I welcome your correction.

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