Dec 13, 2009

good weather for surfers

Today, it was cloudy, and a little bit rainy. But, I rode my bike for about 2 hours in this bad condition.

However, I saw a lot of surfers enjoying this bad weather on my way. Big waves make it possible for them to ride surf boards.


lenin said...

I remember when I was in Britain in summer, it was 11 C at the seaside in Brighton with big waves and rain. It was really freezing, still there were some people riding the surf^^ It felt really cold to watch them.

Glad to hear you can ride so long now^^

bikenglish said...

Thank you for posting a kind comment. And I have learned that people in Britain can enjoy surfing because your this comment.

ジョン said...

I've got to agree with Lenin: two hours in bad weather is pretty good. You live up to your name, Bikenglish!