Nov 12, 2009

very expensive "Eda-mame"

On October 10, I took part in "Eda-mame-gari"(枝豆狩り) at "Syousuke-mura"(正助村) in Munakata-city with my daughter. The "Eda-mame-gari" is not so popular like "Mikan-gari"(みかん狩り), so this was my first experience. But, an accident happened before we got to "Syousuke-mura".

"Syousuke-mura" locates in countryside, so there aren't so many signals on its near roads, we can drive smoothly. On a straight part of a road, I drove my car over legal limits.

Suddenly, a police car appeared on my way. A police man stopped me. He said "you were speeding, 20km/h over, the fine is 15,000yen!!"

Of course, I regretted that I was speeding. But, I thought that I have to pay more attention to the speed during driving because recently I had a tendency to drive without considering legal limits.

People call this kind of patrol by police "nezumi-tori"(ネズミ捕り), a mouse trap, in their slung.

"Eda-mame-gari" was very enjoyable. Its fee was 500yen, a staff gave us a 80cm-long rope and said "you can get as many stems with "eda-mame" as you can tie them with the rope. Finally, we got a lot of "eda-mame" that was worth more than 2,000yen in store' price.

The day's evening, my friend who loves fishing gave me a fish named "matou-dai"(マトウダイ) that he fished on the day. I processed it into "sashimi"(刺身) and ate it with "eda-mame" at dinner.

*But, two days later, I developed acute hepatitis and convalesced at home for four weeks.


ジョン said...

Wow, what a sad ending to the story! But I'm glad that you're well again.

I try to avoid speeding but I think that pretty everybody does from time to time. I imagine that it's even tougher not to when you're out in the country. Fifteen thousand yen is roughly US$150 ... OUCH.

But I'm glad that you had a nice time with your daughter at the edamame-gari.

bikenglish said...


I am very careful with legal limits when I drive a car since that event.

Edamame-gari is a very enjoyable event, so I will take part in it next year.