Nov 25, 2009

a wedding ceremony

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Last Monday, I took part in my nephew-in-law's wedding ceremony. The bridegroom is 20 years old and the bride is 21 years old. So, they are a very young couple. They have a special reason to hurry their marriage, but I cannot write it here.

After the ceremony, the party called "Hirouen"(披露宴) in Japanese was held. It was filled with very happy atmosphere. But, unfortunately, there was an unpleasant thing to me in this party. The participants were permitted to smoke, there were a lot of smokers in the party. I don't have a habit to smoke and dislike it. Recently, in Japan, smoking is banned in almost public area. I inhaled bad air in a long time.


Unknown said...

I agree that there is still too much smoking in public places in Japan. It is much better than 10 years ago though when the teachers used to smoke at their desks at school..... I hate going to restaurants or meetings when people are smoking. I hope they raise the taxes on tobacco soon to encourage more people to stop.

ジョン said...

Yeah, I hate public smoking. I guess I'm not nuts about smoking in general, but most public smoking should be eliminated, I feel.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting your comment.

There were three reasons that made me uncomfortable in the party. First, we were surrounded by my nephew's male friends and male co-workers who were smoking. Second, the room's ceiling was not so high. And, third, the air conditioner did not work so well.

But, the most important thing is that smoker should refrain from smoking in these parties, I think.

By the way, I am going to climb the Tsuwato-san mountain in the end of next January with my friends. I would like to meet you, and introduce you and your good farm to my friends, if your schedule can meet ours. Of course, I will tell you the day of climbing once I decide the plan.


I have learned new words, "nuts" and "eliminate". But, I cannot understand what "nuts" means. My dictionary says that "nuts" equals "very angry", my thought is right?

ジョン said...

"Nuts" is an interesting word, I think. Let me try to explain some of the most common uses of it, using a few example sentences too.

1. To "not be nuts about" basically means "to not like something" (とくに好きではない or よく気に入らない).

"I'm not nuts about smoking in general."

2. To "be nuts about something" means ~に夢中である、~が大好きである、~にはまっている.

Bob is nuts about Jane.

She's not nuts about surfing, not the way I am.

3. It's also a casual way to say "crazy, insane." It's often used in response to somebody who suggests something that sounds outlandish. (気が狂った、気の変な、ばかげた、くだらない、あほくさい)

"I should call her? Are you nuts?"

"It would be nuts to go there."

I think that covers the main uses.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting a very detailed explanation about it. It helps me to understand this issue very well because it includes good Japanese sentence. You are very good Japanese writer, I think.

ジョン said...

Thanks, but to be fair, I think most of those sentences came from an online dictionary. ^_^