Jul 30, 2009


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Last week end, "Tobata-gion-oo-yamagasa"(戸畑祇園大山笠) was held in Tobata ward, city of Kitakyushu. I was invited to my former boss's home party to watch this event from his room in a high apartment. This party was held last year in the same way.

But, when several "chochin-yamagasa"(提灯山笠) had been built up and the most exciting time in this event had just started, the heavy rain came. All candle lights in "chochin" went out, we could not watch the great scene because of bad weather.


ジョン said...

Oh wow, what rotten timing. I remember when there was a downpour during a fireworks festival in Okazaki once. It sucked!

bikenglish said...


Thank you for posting a comment. Because your this comment, I have learned new words, "rotten"and "it sucked!".

ジョン said...

Just FYI, "sucks" is generally something that younger folks use. Perhaps I shouldn't be using it anymore myself!