Jul 15, 2009


On July 9, I went fishing with two my friends. A friend has shared a small fishing boat with his friends. This time, he used this boat for our fishing.

The weather was cloudy, and wave and wind were a little bit strong. After about one hour from our start, we moved to the safer place because of strong wind and wave. At this point, I did not think that we could get any fishes.

But, "our fishing" just started about one hour later. Finally, we got more than 90 "Aji"(鯵) were about 20-cm-sized .

Return to the land, after come back to home, I processed several of them to eat as "sashimi"(刺身)(row fish) and "shio-yaki"(塩焼き)(baked fish) . And I gave the rest to my parents and my former boss. The day's dinner was very good because of our good results.

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