Dec 2, 2008


Last Sunday, I took part in an event that included "Mika-gari"(みかん狩り). Health insurance association corporation organized this event to improve its member's families health. The first program was "walk rally"[players must solve several questions that are placed in check points in limited time.], the second was bingo competition, and third was "Mikan-gari".

It was a little bit cold, but we were satisfied with this event because we got good "Mikan".

My wife says that Mikan is her favorite in all fruits because we can easily peel it with hands (we must use knife to peel other fruits).

I took several photos of this event. I hope you can feel the atmosphere of Mikan-gari.


Unknown said...

広くていいですね。 I hope you had a fun time.

bikenglish said...

Ian さんへ

スサナ said...

ha ha In love mikan. I was eating a couple of mikan today!