Dec 29, 2008


Now, many people in Japan have taken long holiday from the end of December to the first of January. This time, my holiday continues for 9 days and it is the longest one that I have ever experienced. I think that I have to feel happy for my good situation because recent recession have lost many jobs in Japan (but I have not been affected by it, now).

By the way, the second day of my holiday, I took part in Mochi-tsuki(餅つき) event.

My wife works at a laboratory of a medical college, and its its professor's families including his a lot of relatives held it.

In recent days, Mochi-tsuki is not a routine event for many Japanese, although it is a traditional event to welcome a happy new year.


ジョン said...

I ate mochi on New Year's Day with a good friend in Japan last year. I'm pretty disappointed that I can't do that again this year. Also, I want to watch 紅白 ...

bikenglish said...

To Jon-san,

Today, I ate "zouni"(雑煮)that contains mochi at my parent's home. I love it. And I enjoyed "Kouhaku-uta-gassen" with my family, it is just the life of odrdinary people in Japan, I think.