Dec 10, 2008


Some retired "Sumou"(相撲) wrestlers open their own restaurants. Their dishes are commonly named "Chanko"(ちゃんこ) or "Chanko-ryouri"(ちゃんこ料理) because the diet for wrestlers is called "Chanko". "Chanko" generally includes many kinds of foods to increase weight of wrestlers with good nutrition, and is not a special one kind of food. But, generally, the main dishes in "Chanko"restaurant is "Chanko-nabe"(ちゃんこ鍋)

Last Sunday, my family had a dinner at a "Chanko"restaurant where is in 15 minutes by car from our home. Its name is "Chanko Ouga"(ちゃんこ 皇牙). There were several photos related to "Sumou" in the restaurant. I have placed them to share the atmosphere of "Chanko" with you.


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