Jul 27, 2008


Last Friday, I took a paid holiday to help a summer festival as a volunteer. It was held in an area of a district that I am working for.

This is called "子ども山笠" that is mainly held for children.

In Japan, there is a tendency seen in almost area that is called "少子高齢化"(shousi-koureika). It means that children decrease and elder people increase.

In this area, adult people who support the festival have decreased, so I helped them as a volunteer.

The origin of "山笠" is said that religious leader on "山笠" went around a city to keep away evil spirit when contagious disease were spread in ancient days. Of course, modern people are not conscious of its origin.


BK.Mitchell said...

Looks pretty hot out there! Nice and informative post!

Anonymous said...

Would love to go to a festival one day soon ive seen a few diffrent ones on tv and other place
Im very sorry for not posting for a while.. been very busy
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bikenglish said...

[to brian san]
Thank you for comment.

[to felix san]
Thank you for answering to my asking.

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