Jul 21, 2008


Yesterday, I went to my home town to see a summer festival with my daughter. The city is far about 15minutes by car from where we live.

"博多山笠"(Hakata-yamagasa) held in the city of Fukuoka is very famous, but there are many similar events in the nothern part of Kyushu. This one of my home town is called "黒崎祇園山笠"(kurosaki-gion-yamagasa). You can feel the atmosphere of Japanese summer festival by seeing this short video.


Anonymous said...

So... this festivals are celebrated always at the end of July? Has each city his own summer festival?
Thank you for the video. I didn´t know anything about this celebration. Is very interesting.

Unknown said...

That sounds so fun.
I love japaneese drums and those festivals seems to have lot of taiko representation isn't it?
Thanks a lot for the video.
とても おもしろい です。

ジョン said...

Ah man, that reminds me of the omikoshi festivals I participated in back in the day. Good times.

bikenglish said...

[to farooksh san]
Yes, this festival is celebrated at the end of July every year, but every city does not have summer festival. However, many similar events, from small to large, are seen in my area.

[william san]
Thank you for comment.

[to Jon san]
Yes, the omikoshi is very known as Japanese festival, but it is rarely seen in this area.