Jul 6, 2008


Yesterday, I borrowed a book about "Urutoraman" from a near library. This is the first cover of it.

"Urutoraman" is a TV drama's character. It was broadcasted in the 1960s and several series that similar characters appeared in these programs followed.

Most of people in Japan know it as most American know "Superman".

"Urutoraman" came to the earth in an accident, then he stayed in the earth to fight against monsters that invade the earth.

You can learn more, here (in Spanish).


ジョン said...

FYI, in English, he's known as Ultraman. I know of him, but I've never seen any of his stories. I'm sure that a quick trip to YouTube can rectify that, though.

Anonymous said...

lol. Ok, now I understand what do you mean!!! I knew ultraman too but mostly because some old toys. Is one of the japanese characters we know, with Godzilla, Mazingaa Z and Gamera.
Thank you very much for the Spanish link!!!!!

Anonymous said...

With that fin on hes helmet it reminds me of monster from a movie. The creature from the Black lagoon comes to mind but im not entirely sure.