Nov 3, 2007

like a "Isoginchaku"

A Wii remocon's cover was sent to my son from Nintendo because he is a platinum member of it.

When I saw it first, it seemed just a like "Isoginchaku"!!

P.S. There is a custom to eat an "Isoginchaku" in the southern part of Fukuoka prefecture. But I have never eaten it yet, and do not want to eat it because of its strange form.


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Ed said...


Wow does that ever look strange! Almost like a rubbish bin (trash can).

Does it have any super power? Or is it for the Wii?

What is in a "Isoginchaku"? Is it like a rice ball? Do you eat it hot or cold?

Anyway I hope you are doing great!

Talk to you soon my friend.


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But I would rather talk about your site!

See you soon.

ジョン said...

I suppose your son is enjoying Super Mario Galaxy by now. Color me even more jealous. ^_^

bikenglish said...

To Craig san

Its name in English is "Sea anemone". You can find several information about it here.

Have you ever seen it? In Japan, people can see it at sea coast with rock.

When people touch it, it changes its form. This time, it seems like a Wii remocon with a cover, I think.

I have never eaten it, but I hear that some people eat it boiled with "miso".

I will continue to write a new archive every weekend, please visit on my blog again.

To Jonahtan san

Of cource, my son is enjoying it. But he has enough time to do it, because he have to study.

bikenglish said...

I was wrong on my last comment. I should write that "he does not have enougt time".

Ed said...


I hope you laughed at me asking if a Isoginchaku was like a riceball!

I live on the coast and have we have many different types of isoginchaku. However, it seems that sunfish are more abundant.

Looking forward to you new posts. If you don't mind could you post more photos from your travels?

Take care.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know that Japanese ppl celebrate Halloween...Your english is very good. I received ur email through forum. I am jin zheng.