Nov 10, 2007


In this season, I can often find wild birds in my area. One of representative wild birds is "Mozu". In Kanji character, it is written "百舌". "百" means one hundred, and "舌" means tongue. Why?

Mozu has a habit copying several other bird's voices, so it is called "百舌".

And it has another odd habit. It is called "Mozu no Hayanie".

It hunts several small animals like frog, lizard, grasshopper, and it leaves them on a branch of a tree. Some people say that it saves them to eat later. But, it often forgets them. No one has known real reason.

There is a Autumen's song that almost Japanese have known. "Mozu" appears in this song. You can listen to it, here.


Ed said...

I love your art.

It is funny that you post about birds as it is fall here in Canada and most bird have either start to migrate to the south or are preparing their nest for the winter and are not at our feeders much any more.

I have uploaded a bunch of photos to flicker of one bird, a song sparrow, feeding at a window feeder about a week ago. Hope you like them.

bikenglish said...

To Craig san!

I enjoyed your photos. The sprrow is a little bit different from Japanese one, I think.

You are very happy because you live in an area surrouded by good nature.

Next time, I will upload a movie of several wild birds seen in this area.

ジョン said...

Thanks for the informative post. It's strange how those birds leave their food on branches like that. Also, that was an amusing drawing as well.