Aug 19, 2007

Result of fishing

I went fishing to nearby sea coast with my son and daughter. But, we suspended fishing about one hour ago from starting because my son claimed a sudden stomach ache. After we came back home, his condition became better.

So the result was not good enough. It includes twelve "Aji-go"(small Aji), two "Kawahagi" and one "Sanbasou". They are all less than 12cm. We will eat them tomorrow or the day after tomorrow by making them "Nanban-zuke".

Sanbasou=三番叟(a small Ishidai)

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Aston Martin said...

Hi Shinji-san!

How have you been? Life seems to be good for you, with the BBQ, the trip to Okinawa and fishing with your children as well! :)

Did you fish in Genkai-nada, where we cycled the last time I was in Japan?

Anyways, please send my regards to your family and I look forward to reading more on your blog.

I will send you an email soon!


Alvan Tan