Aug 25, 2007


I went to Okinawa during from August 23 to 25 with my family.

Episode 1

It was sold at a local market. I didn't know that folks in Okinawa have a custom to eat dolphin's meat. But the fact didn't surprise me very much because I have heard people who live in Iki island, Nagasaki have similar custom.

I have never eaten a dolphin's meat but I used to eat a whale's meat in my childhood. It was low-cost, and good taste. In that days, lions in a zoo ate it because of low-cost. Now, I have sometimes eaten it, but the amount of it that I can eat is very few because it is so expensive.

There has still been a custom to eat a dog in Korea. I think that it is not cruel to eat other mammals except domestic animals like cow and pig.

Episode 2

We saw "Jinbei-zame"s at "Chura-umi-suizoku-kan". They were very big, so I think it is worth to see them there.

Episode 3

We ate a Okinawa's traditional noodle named "Okinawa-soba" or "Souki-soba". It was very delicious but a little bit expensive, 600yen.

Episode 4

This photo was not taken at Okinawa. I took this photo at an antique shop in Munakata city, Fukuoka where we dropped in on our way home. I didn't know how to use it, but I thought it was a big container for foods. Its price was 150 thousand yen, so expensive!

dolphin=「イルカ」=「海豚」、Iki=「壱岐」 Chura-umi-suizoku-kan=「美(ちゅ)ら海水族館」


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600 yen for that "udon" is cheap compare to the japanese food in USA. Maybe you can show me where i can find cheap and good food in japan. Nice website!!!

I am Jin Zheng from forum.