Sep 6, 2015

"O-mikuji" robot by YASKAWA in JR station

"Kurosaki" area in Yahata-nishi ward in Kitakyushu is my home town. However, there have not been  a good news in this area  for a long time because the area's population has been decreasing and a lot businesses had closed. But, now I can present a good news about my home town.

"YASKAWA" is a manufacturing company that is famous for building industry robots and has its headquarter in "Kurosaki" area. Recently, "YASKAWA" has opened a robot museum near the JR "Kurosaki"station and has exhibited its "O-mikuji" robot at the station's entrance area. Today I saw its working and felt a little bit proud of being born in "Kurosaki".


ジョン said...

That's a pretty neat attraction. I hope that it will help pull in more visitors to the area. I hope I can see it myself someday too.

bikenglish said...

Thank you for posting a comment.

Unfortunately, now more than 10 members group can enter the "robot museum" now. So I have not yet done.

I always welcome your visit to "Kyushu". I will take you to where you want to visit by my new car "Impressa".