Feb 14, 2015

Mt.Kazashi and Mt.Yahazu

Today, I climbed Mt.Kazashi(風師山) and Mt.Yahazu(矢筈山) in Moji ward(門司区) with my friends.They are not so high mountains, but we enjoyed walking in mountain area because of good weather.

We saw the good view of Kanmon channel(関門海峡) from Mt. Kazashi. And we visited the former military's buildings on the top of Mt. Yahazu. We saw the former cannon sites and ammuntion depot. They were built in Meiji era for preparing for the attacks from China. We were surprised that there are these building on the top of mountain.


ジョン said...

That sounds like it was a nice experience. I'd like to climb a mountain sometime, but I'd need to start with one that's not too tall, I think.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a comment. Climbing is a good recreation because it is low-cost and you can start it without special tools. And I like having a chat with friends climbing and walking. I think we can have a better conversation during climbing than facing each other at a table.