Jul 31, 2014


Last Monday, I finished "Hayashi Mariko"'s(林真理子) novel named "Byakuren-Ren-Ren"(白蓮れんれん) that tells the story of "Yanagihara Byakuren"(柳原白蓮). "Yanagihara Byakuren" was a famous poet in Taisho era(大正時代). She spent about ten year in the northern Kyushu before she run off with a younger man. Now, a women  based "Yanagihara Byakuren" appears in the NHK's TV drama, "Hanako and Ann"(花子とアン), so this book is becoming popular even though it was first published about 20 years ago. 

There is a building that she lived in about ten years in Iizuka city where is about one hour away from my house. I would like to visit there in near future.

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