Jul 21, 2014

Chinese restaurant near Hakata station

Last Saturday, our family had a dinner at a Chinese restaurant named "Manpukuro"(萬福楼) near the Hakata station. Main purpose was to spend a time with my son who lives alone in Fukuoka city.

My wife learned the restaurant from a Chinese researcher who has started her carrier in July at a laboratory of a university. My wife is working for the laboratory as a desk worker.

According to her, the restaurant has served some original Chinese foods that can not be seen general Chinese restaurants in Japan. Surely, I found "fried cocoon" and "frogs" in their menu.

Guests except for us there were almost Chinese, and waitress were Chinese girls.

The relationship between Japan and China has not yet returned to better condition, but our, ordinary people's life and Chinese life in Japan do not look to have been influenced so much by it, I felt from this experience there. It is a little bit "weird".

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