Oct 14, 2013

"Koke-chai-mashita" in Tour de Saiki

Yesterday, I took part in a cycle event named "Tour de Saiki". I had entered the B-course that was about 103km bike ride. But, an accident happened on me at the point of 30km away from the start.

I fell down from my bike after losing balance by touching a small step. I felt pain on my right and left shoulder, but continued the ride. Finally, I gave up the complete course and reached the goal after 47km ride after the accident.

Today, I saw a doctor and the X-ray did not show a fracture. But, I have still had pain in my right hand and left shoulder.

Although I was injured in this event, I enjoyed the great marine view and "sushi" that is one of the town's good dishes. I will take part in the next year's event and would like to achieve 103km course at that time.

"Koke-chai-mashita" is a famous phase of a marathon runner named "Hiromi Taniguchi" in the Olympic Game in Barcelona in 1992.

P.S.  October 19, I saw a doctor again. He diagnosed fraction in my left shoulder after he examined a picture took by MRI(magnetic resonance image) system. Now, I cannot bring a heavy thing by my left hand and I have to be in a calm life for a while.


ジョン said...

I hate to hear that you got injured but I'm glad that you managed to enjoy yourself regardless. Please take care of yourself.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for a kind message. I have decided to spend in calm life by the end of this year.