Jul 8, 2012

VOA Special English News 111

Hundreds of thousands of people around the world may not be able to log on to the Internet Monday. Officials say people should check their computers now to see if it has a virus that spread a year ago. The virus was caused by Eastern European computer criminals. The websites Facebook and Google are giving information to people on how they can fix their computers. The criminals took control of almost 600,000 computers last year. The Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United States stopped the criminals. It has set up two Internet servers so that users can remain online. But the servers will be closed at about 4 hours universal time on Monday. You can find out more about whether your computer is infected and, if so, how to fix it by going to www.dcwg.org.

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ジョン said...

caused by the Eastern European
--> caused by Eastern European

websites, Facebook
--> websites Facebook

on line
--> online

infected and it solve how to fix it
--> infected and, if so, how to fix it

It definitely would be a good idea to run a virus scan, just in case.

bikenglish said...


Thank you for correcting my English. In fact, I could not find out the part, "if so" in this announcement.