Dec 13, 2010

Unemployed Man

I have learned "Unemployed Man" thorough VOA Special English program. I like this kind of naming to the characters in comics. It reminds me of "Kobayashi Yoshinori"(小林よしのり)'s comics. For example, in his well-known work named "Toudai Ittyoku-sen" (東大一直線), the main character's name is "Toudai Touru"(東大通).


ジョン said...

東大通 is a pretty amusing name. That guy was just destined to go to Tokyo University.

I think I'd heard of Unemployed Man somewhere myself.

bikenglish said...
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bikenglish said...


Kobayashi Yoshinori's another famous comic is "Obbochama-kun"(おぼっちゃまくん). "Obbochama" means a boy who is born in wealthy family. The main character's name of this comic is "Obou Thama"(御坊茶魔).