Nov 21, 2010

Autumn leaves in Fukuchiyama

The Fukuchi-yama(福智山) is the highest mountain in my area. It is about 900 meters high. The top of the mountain has no obstruction for viewers, so people can enjoy panorama there. It is one of my favorite mountains.

Last Sunday, I climbed it with my several old friends. I have ever climbed the mountain several times in the past, however it was the first time for me in five years.

It was very fine and the autumn leaves looked very beautiful. We enjoyed a good day in autumn.


ジョン said...

Wow, what a fantastic view you had from up there. I'm sure that the autumn leaves looked absolutely beautiful in person, even moreso than in the photos. Thanks for showing us the lovely views.

bikenglish said...


That day's weather was very fine. The contrast of autumn leaves and blue sky is very good.