Jun 27, 2010

civilian control

I have often come across the word, "civilian control" (シビリアンコントロール)in Japanese newspapers, but I have never listened to the word in English until now. But today, I found the word in Obama's speech in VOA Special English program, this happening let me a little bit happier.

"Civilian control" is translated 「文民統制」 in Japanese.


kinokage (木の陰) said...

bikenglishさん—What do 日本の新聞 say about civilian control? The usage in the Obama speech is very specific: "civilian control" contrasts with *military* control. Outside of that context, 言いませんね.

ジョン said...


bikenglish said...

Thank you for comments.

"Civilian control" is a little bit specific word in Japan, so every Japanese people does not know the meaning of it. And people use more "civilian control" than "文民統制", it is curious thing.

マキ said...


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