May 15, 2010

cooking wild boar's meat

Last Sunday, I cooked the wild boar's meat for our dinner. It was better than we expected. The left in this photo is "mame-gohan"(豆ご飯) that included peas taken from my garden.

Its recipe is here.


ジョン said...

Wow, that looks delicious! You must be a pretty good cook.

Maki said...

Thank you for the nice pictures, which tells me that you worked hard cooking! Did you use a pressure pan(圧力鍋)? It seems soft to eat. Good Job(^_^)

bikenglish said...


Recently, I often cook because my wife is a little bit busy privately.


Thank you for posting comment. I am very glad to see it and I always welcome your comment. I linked my blog to the recipe on the web. But, I did not use a pressure pan. I used "Shuttle Chef" which can boil meat for long time at about 100 degrees Celsius.