Jan 4, 2009

from mountain area

It was a fine day yesterday, and I rode my bike to a mountain area about 40 minutes away from my house. It was the first road to my riding.

In the winter season, if the sky is clear, we can see far places because of clear atmosphere.

Also, I found a little bit remain of snow that fell a few days ago.


ジョン said...

It looks like you had a very nice ride, huh? I especially like the photos of the city. I love photos like that.

Anonymous said...

Goodmorning! Your Englishi is vary

fine. (This is test write )

Anonymous said...

Test ok. I had not use English about twenty years. so my english is too too bed. see you again.

Anonymous said...

Sorry ! I foget to write my name .My name is TANG .

bikenglish said...

To Jon-san,

I am glad to hear your praise for my photos.

To Tang-san,

Thank you for posting your comment on my blog. I really welcome your comment.