Jan 25, 2009


Several days ago, I drunk a "sake" named "Senchu-hassaku"(船中八策). It taseted very good.

A sake maker named "Tukasa-botan"(司牡丹) in Kouchi prefecture(高知県) names its production "Senchu-hassaku". It is the name of "Sakamo Ryouma"(坂本竜馬)'s proposal that urged "Edogawa" administration(江戸幕府) to give up its power at the end of "Edo" era(江戸時代). It is formed of eight articles and some people say that "Ryouma" made it when he sailed, so its name is "Senchu-hassaku". "Ryouma" was born in "Tosa"(土佐), now where is Kouch prefecture.

"Ryoma" is one of the most favorite hero among most Japanese all time. NHK's "Taiga-dorama"(大河ドラマ) in 2010 has been decided "Ryouma-den"(竜馬伝) that tells his history by staring "Fukuyama Masaharu"(福山雅治).

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